jml's notebook

Personal productivity

A couple of people at work asked me to give a talk on personal productivity.

At first, I felt a crushing weight of dread. I do not feel at all productive personally. I feel massively behind in all of my obligations, and on the days when I have the opportunity to do self-directed work, I am very conscious that no matter what I choose I am letting someone down. Instead of spending my time doing things that need to be done, I spend my time doing other things that need to be done.

Then, on reflection, I have read and thought and experimented with personal productivity a lot. Probably too much. I would have no problems finding enough content to fill a thirty minute talk. The challenge would be one of picking exactly which things to say, and how to structure them for the audience at hand.

What follows is a brain dump of topics I might want to include in such a talk.

Almost none of the ideas are my own, but because I'm not a scholar I'm going to be sloppy in citing sources. Please use your search engine of choice to find the original authors.

That's enough for a first pass. I think there's probably two or three talks in that.