jml's notebook

Cold and flu

A few weeks ago, I got the flu. It sucked. I had one day shivering under my duvet, delirious with fever, and then on seemingly random days the week after that, I'd wake up with absolutely no energy, incapable of doing anything.

Two weeks after that, I got a nasty cold. It sucked. It started with a couple of days of brain fog, then went to the horrible mucusy stage, and is now a lingering cough and headache.

What's weird to me is how different I felt within myself about my energy levels.

With zero energy flu days, I didn't mind. "I have no energy. This is just how it is. I am going to sit here, staring."

With the low energy cold days, I was constantly annoyed at myself. "Just pull yourself together and you'll be able to at least get these clothes folded. What's wrong with you?"

My actual capabilities during both illnesses were about the same.

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