jml's notebook

New beginnings

I want to create a new space where I can write about stuff that I find interesting, without having to think at all about the intended audience.

I want the barrier to posting to be very low, which means it has to be easy for me to write and publish something at a technical level, and also that the quality expectations are fairly low.

I've been inspired by DRMacIver's notebook, which gets a prodigious amount of postings.

There's going to be a mix of stuff here, running a spectrum of work stuff and personal stuff. I'll probably also copy David's "attention conservation notice" and "epistemic status" tricks, more for my own benefit than yours This is a test of sidenotes..

I expect this will completely replace my old personal blog, Echo and Bounce. I'd like to merge the two, but I just don't have the time. I still intend to post to my professional blog at, but the things there will be a bit less raw.